An Unapologetically Political Post

This post has nothing to do with writing.  There are no mermaids, no futuristic schools, no teens trying to climb Everest.  There is nothing here about finding an agent, working with critique partners, or how best to attack revisions.  This is nothing more than an advertorial for the election, so you damn well sit down and buckle up.

Today, when I Googled “women’s right to vote” in order to find an image like above, I got this instead:

These are not archives from 100 years ago, they are battles being waged today.  Voting is a hard-won privilege, one of many privileges that comes with the responsibility of a democracy.  In this country, voter turnout is an abysmal 50-60% or lower.  That means half of the people in this country who have the right to vote, the right that countless men and women fought and were beaten and bloodied to secure, don’t bother.  They don’t fucking bother.

If I see one more person roll his eyes and say how disappointed he is with Obama, how nothing’s changed, I might bite him.  Just how easy should change be?  How little should we have to sacrifice?  How quickly should our dysfunctional system of checks and balances be able to right itself from the travesty of the Bush years?  My son often says things like, “But why can’t the President just make a law that makes everyone behave?  Why can’t anyone who hurts the environment go to jail?  Why can’t he just end the war?”  He’s nine. It’s hard to have perspective at nine.  But what’s everyone else’s excuse?

Nobody said it would be easy.  But unless people get out there today and vote, it’s going to get a lot harder.  For anyone who needs it, here’s a link to find your voting spot. Vote late, vote early, (vote often!) But for God’s sake, vote.

P.S. Who remembers casting their very first vote ever?  Was it exciting?  Boring?  Historic?  Post in the comments!

3 comments to An Unapologetically Political Post

  • Theresa

    I totally remember voting for the first time – it was such a thrill and in some ways I felt I had “arrived”: I was finally old enough to have a say; I was finally old enough that my opinion would matter.

    GREAT blog post, Dana! Sadly, voting isn’t the only thing we take for granted in our life when we benchmark it against what else people in those countries are fighting for…like food, shelter…

    We shouldn’t be so damn ambivalent…we need to be more grateful…

    I’ll get off my soap box now….

  • My first time voting was *so* exciting too. And a bit of an anticlimax, because it didn’t immediately change the world. (Hey, I was young and naive :P)

    Because you’re right, change doesn’t come easy. But it is within reach if we just try to get there. By doing the best we can. And by voting and being aware of what a privilege that – still – is.

  • Um, not so exciting as I had to use an absentee ballot but still pretty cool. I can actually still remember dropping it in the mailbox. 🙂

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