Dreams and Reality

All I can really say about this website is:



Because I had a vision of what I wanted in a website, but my vision looked more like a grubby little sketch done by a non-artist with a ballpoint pen on a ratty legal pad that probably had random phone numbers scrawled in the corner. But I am lucky enough to have had the incredible Kate Birch create a piece of custom artwork for me, and then the wonderful design/build team at Atmosphere Websites do the heavy lifting and design work to make it all come together. (And even more fun, after working together on my site, as well as a few others, Kate has now joined the team at Atmosphere Websites! Yay for more cool collaborations from them in the future)!

And now I can honestly say that my website is nothing like what I dreamed it would be. It’s a million times better.

*flails some more*

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