Imagination Wednesday

So, I waste a lot of time on the internet. I was going to say I spend a lot of time researching, but while that’s definitely true, I also am doing an awful lot of stuff that nobody could call research, even a fiction writer.* But sometimes the internet just delivers the right dose of beauty, whimsy, inspiration, or humor. It gives me that ten twenty-minute break I need to stretch my brain and be delighted.

Today I found these:



These photos made me stop and stare, and tickled my imagination just enough to wake my brain up from the torpor of U.S. History facts and figures that I’m writing about in my non-fiction life. (Though in fairness, there’s plenty of scope for imagination in history…holy cow did some crazy shizzola go down! But that’s another blog post…)

Anyway, I found the photos here,, and the artist’s own site is here:!/

And these magical and quirky photos have nothing to do with the book I’m writing (a Young Adult book set in Paris), or the book I’m editing (a Young Adult book with teenagers climbing Mount Everest), or the book I have coming out (a Middle Grade book about a ridiculous family of four boys, two dads, and an ever-changing number of pets). Nor does it have anything to do with U.S. History.

I just delights me.

And maybe it will delight you too.

Happy Wednesday!

*Though I will say this is one of our great job perks. Not a ton of money or benefits, but you can get away with calling almost anything research. Taste-testing fifteen different chocolate bars? Your character is an obsessive-compulsive chocolate lover. Spend two hours gazing at photos of the Great Wall of China? Your character is taking a trip! Tie up your ten-year-old and tickle her? You’re…okay, you’re probably a really mean parent, but still, you could say it was to see how long a kid will go without wetting her pants when tickled.**

** Not that I would ever do this.***


***Is it even allowed to have footnotes on a footnote? I have no idea. But I guess it is now.

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