Me and My Blog (a Tragi-Comedy)

I waste spend a lot of time on social media. If you want to find me I am yapping away most days on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on. I post compelling articles on the need for more diversity in children’s literature, or reviews of books that I’ve adored. I also find myself posting photos of tiny turtles on strawberries because honestly, who wouldn’t?? (Also it’s the commentary on this one that totally slays me. “YES OF COURSE I TRIED BALANCING ON IT JENKINS THIS IS NOT MY FIRST DAY AS A TINY TURTLE INVESTIGATOR” *dies*)

And I have all kinds of things that I think about blogging about. Books, current events, humorous moments from my life (Did I ever tell you about the time our cat Amos got stuck up a tree for three days and a cage-fighting animal-rescue volunteer roped in to rescue him?? Or about how I went to a book conference and flung a knife and a kidney bean into the purse of the woman lunching next to me?)

But somehow I never quite write the blog posts. I want to. I think about it. But I never really get to it. And I feel lousy about it, not because people are clamoring for them, but because I like to write and have things to say, and this seems like a pretty good place to say them.

However. When I wrote my big list of 2014 resolutions, Write More Blog Posts was not on there. Fact is, I have books to write, and work to do, and kids to feed and pay attention to, and cats to get out of trees, and kidney beans to fling. I AM A BUSY PERSON, AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE. Better that I write more books and less blog posts, I think.

So really, this is a blog post to say that I don’t write a lot of blog posts, which frankly, is a bizarre use of my time and probably really boring to read. In closing, then, I will urge anyone looking for more frequent randomness from me to check out the links above. And because I am grateful for anyone who wants to check this site out, here. Have a baby turtle with a strawberry. You’re welcome.


2 comments to Me and My Blog (a Tragi-Comedy)

  • Jennifer Lauchlan

    So did the knife and the kidney bean inspire BUTTER! ?

    • Dana Alison Levy

      Hah!! It did NOT, actually. The butter story was lifted, very accurately, from a friend’s life. But instead of a twelve-year-old kid flinging the butter onto an elegant diner, it was a fifty-year-old neurosurgeon. (True story. That’s why I tell kids I’m a thief…that was too good not to steal!)

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