editwcatThe Short Official-Sounding Version Where I Talk About Myself in the Third-Person
Dana Alison Levy pursued English Literature and Marketing in school, and has worked for a variety of business and nonprofit organizations. Several years ago she began to write full time, working for corporate and academic clients as well as writing fiction. Dana lives in Massachusetts with her family. THE MISADVENTURES OF THE FAMILY FLETCHER is her first novel, and has received several starred reviews, been placed on a number of “Best Of” lists, and is on five state reading lists. A companion novel, THE FAMILY FLETCHER TAKES ROCK ISLAND, is coming out in May 2016.

The Short But More Honest Version Where I Still Talk About Myself in the Third-Person
Dana Alison Levy was raised by pirates but escaped at a young age and went on to earn a degree in aeronautics and puppetry. Actually, that’s not true—she just likes to make things up. That’s why she always wanted to write books. She was born and raised in New England and studied English literature before going to graduate school for business. While there is value in all learning, had she known she would end up writing for a living, she might not have struggled through all those statistics and finance classes.

The Long Version Where I Go Back to First-Person Because It’s Not As Weird
House cleaner in Paris; waitress in Santorini,Greece; assistant literary agent in New York; art gallery manager; MBA fast-tracker; executive recruiter; carob bean picker: which of these haven’t I done?*

I realize this list might look ominously random. Usually, when you graduate from a prestigious university, you aren’t encouraged to go clean toilets in Paris. Or, if you’ve earned a Master’s in Business Administration, you don’t generally try and write for a living.

But the real reason for this list is the same one that led Jennie, in Higglety Pigglety Pop! to go out in the world. I was looking for Experience. (And if you haven’t read this Maurice Sendak classic then run, don’t walk, to get it. I’ll wait).

Over the years I have found Experience in many wonderful and sometimes strange places. Today my family and I live in a New England seaside town, where my children swim and play ice hockey in the backyard rink and catch turtles and sometimes let me tag along with them. The Husband (who was offered the carob bean job back when we were both 23…not that I’m holding a grudge or anything) and I enjoy largely peaceful lives, as long as the US and Canada aren’t playing each other in Olympic hockey.

Writing is what I do now, and in some ways what I’ve always done. Stories, journals, professional writing; it has always been a vital part of my life. My stories are for children and young adults, as well as for people like me who, no matter what their age, are still looking for their next experience.

If you want to know more, check out the Extras…and be prepared for more random answers than you ever wanted!

*I was not a carob bean picker.  I tried to be, in Crete, but Yanni wouldn’t hire me because I wasn’t a man. Good luck shattering the glass ceiling over the carob bean trees.