Too Much of a Good Thing

I was performing one of my least favorite household chores recently, known as the Seasonal Closet Changeover. (This sounds boring. It is. it is also incredibly awkward and involves a lot of dust and hauling of large boxes. Truly, my life, it is like an opera). Sorry, where was I?

Ah yes. I was […]

Teaser Tuesday…Because Why the Hell Not

I am in the revision cave with THE DANGEROUS SCHOOL, CLASS OF 2030, and oh, a smelly, skanky, nasty cave it is.

This is NOT my cave

Yeah, more like this one

I’ll be honest. I’m not loving writing this right now. I’m distracted, I’m restless, and I really want a co-writer so […]

Play that Emo Music, White Girl

Put on a dance number from the early 1990s and I tell you, am ready to put on my bodysuit and cut-off shorts (over my leggings), lace up my Doc Martins and hit the dance floor.* No matter what I’m doing, including cooking dinner for my family while wearing pumpkin flannel pajamas, the music still […]

Letting Go and Jumping Off

Three things:

1) Small Daughter turned seven this weekend and I am realizing anew that time only flows one way, i.e. she will not be six ever again and my days of being able to grab her and pick her up and squeeze her until she squeaks are limited;

2) Large Son had his first […]

Today’s blog post

I had written a rather moving post about the first Tuesday after Labor Day, about going back to school. It was lovely and included memories of 20 years ago, when I started university, and a discussion of Large Son’s distress at giving up summer freedoms. I also tied the first day of school in to […]

%$#$@* you?

to f-bomb or not to f-bomb, that is the question…

Ah swearing. The melodic sounds of the f-bomb being hurled down the staircase, the strains of the b-word muttered under the breath, the sheer poetry of a creative string of a#$h#&%-mother#$*%&-sh&*head. Lovely.

My son swore at me for around ten minutes straight last night. […]