Chasing My Own Tail

So, school is out, camps not yet started, end-of-year shenanigans completed (5 teacher gifts, 3 crossing guard gifts, countless end-of-year party donations, 1 full day chaperoning…someone hand me a drink). I have, I confess, dropped every ball I was juggling except for the ones that were either, 1) flaming (and thus required my attention, or […]

Gratitude: Day Two

This one is pretty self-explanatory…I don’t even know who I would be without them.

Gratitude: Day One

Gratitude is a slippery thing; very hard to keep a grip on. One moment I am deeply grateful for how lovely my life is. The next I’m swearing a blue streak at the idiotic computer that won’t load.

With a number of personal and family highs and lows I decided that I need to […]

In Which I Apparently Took the Summer Off

It’s been a glorious summer. Truly wonderful. Small Daughter and Large Son are at an incredible age where they relish their independence but also enjoy time with us, the parental units. They can keep up in the big waves, and on the big trails. We had a blast.

It looked a lot like this:

And […]

If You Wonder What I’ve Been Doing…

It’s a lot of this:

Some of this:

A little of this:


Some of this:

And a couple of these:




RTW: Inspiration in the form of small homo sapiens

It’s another Road Trip Wednesday, and I’m on the road with the good folks of YA Highway. Today’s question:

Who in your life has most inspired your writing?

Well, that’s both easy and a little bit hard. I mean, when I’m writing YA hot and heavy romance I can’t help thinking of the […]

With Thanks to GotYA: Writing Meets *ICE* Hockey

GotYA: Monday Guest Blogging: Writing Meets Field Hockey.

Today there was a fun post from a new-to-me blogger about how writing and acting as a field hockey referee have much in common.

And while I have never reffed a field hockey game, I used to play ice hockey (lo these many years ago), and recently […]

Between Thanksgivings…or Why I am Thankful

Oh, Canada…

Canadian Thanksgiving was last week. American Thanksgiving is next month. And for a certain small percentage of people in the world (who also read this blog) they will understand why my symbol might be the “My-Canada-Includes-Quebec-Free-Trade-Cactus”*

For those who don’t, I’ll simply say that the Husband is Canadian, I […]

Today’s Banned Book Review is…

So I, along with bazillions of others in the blogosphere, am reviewing a banned book today at the invitation of the fabulous Tahereh and the Rejectionist – two amazing book bloggers. Without further ado…

*Tension builds. Weak women faint. Strong men fall down*

TA-DAH! The amazing Robie Harris’s deeply dangerous and controversial books, It’s Not […]

Letting Go and Jumping Off

Three things:

1) Small Daughter turned seven this weekend and I am realizing anew that time only flows one way, i.e. she will not be six ever again and my days of being able to grab her and pick her up and squeeze her until she squeaks are limited;

2) Large Son had his first […]