Funny things on a Monday

For everyone who doesn’t know that a cobra escaped the Bronx Zoo, not to worry. You can now follow him on Twitter.


Bronx Zoo’s Cobra (BronxZoosCobra) on Twitter.

And then there’s the zookeeper:!/BronxZookeeper


This is just one of many reasons I love New York.


The power of a good story

This is truly funny, and truly French. (Though truly *not* for kids…when my books are out in the wild and YA readers are finding their way here I will have to go back and edit my posts). But in the meantime, enjoy.

(And thanks to The Sister for sharing this with me!)

YouTube – […]

Goodbye Earl

I can’t be the only one on the East Coast who has been singing this Dixie Chicks classic for the past week. LOVE them, LOOOOVE this song. Always glad to have a reason to play it!

I Just Snorted My Water Out My Nose

Because this woman is so damn funny! Her book Hex Hall was funny. But her blog – well, the dame can write, I’m just saying….

Read fast at the beginning. Then…her synopsis of the Sally Lockhart books by Philip Pullman (yes, the Dark Materials Philip Pullman – who knew?) is absolutely priceless. Enjoy.


Schadenfreude, or Why I am Happy This Morning

It is easy to doubt the quality of your writing, when you sit alone at a desk all day long. But then, sometimes, the gods smile on you and send you this blog, SlushPile Hell, and you get a chance to feel really, really smug. Because of course you would never send a query letter […]