Signed Books!

Hey friends! My new book is out in the world, and I’m delighted and hoping it flies far! Also in the world, The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island, now in convenient portable paperback! Huzzah!

To celebrate I went into town yesterday to get iced coffee, but walked by an antique/thrift shop that happened to have […]

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island Launch Party (or, MOAR SHENANIGANS!)

UPDATE: Honestly compels me to admit I thought I posted this over two months ago. And I didn’t ever post it, which is more than a little bit embarrassing. So…um. Well. Here you go. A blog post.

*skulks off*

No embarrassed cat here. NOPE. Move along.


On May 2nd I got to go […]

I Love Summer — Giveaway Edition!

The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island is in the world today, and I am downright giddy! In fact, if you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be spinning, Sound-of-Music style, or flailing, Kermit style, (or possibly napping).

But because I want to celebrate with all of you as well, I decided to throw a little virtual […]

I’m Tagged in a Blog Hop (Or, “You throw one kidney bean in one purse, and look what happens”)

As previously mentioned, I don’t blog regularly anymore. (Actually that implies I used to blog regularly, instead of at rather more frequent random intervals, but allow me the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia). HOWEVER. When the talented and hardworking Catherine Egan sent a runner on horseback, waving a banner with the royal colors of my house*, […]

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher Launch Party, or SHENANIGANS

Me and Jabberwocky Bookshop owner Sue Little

Wow. That’s about all I can say about the glorious, wonderful, amazing, ridiculously fun, delightful launch party on Sunday. Just…wow.

It starts with the fact that I live in a great place with not one but two great independent bookstores. The event was at Jabberwocky Bookshop, a […]

THE COVER!!!!! (in all-caps because EXCITING TIMES)!!!!

I can’t help it anymore! I have GOT to share my incredible cover. Honestly, I think it’s be best cover in the whole wide world.


You think I’m biased?

And if that’s not awesome enough, look at the whole thing!

Can we now agree that the amazing people […]

On the Furnivals, Gay Marriage, and the Luxury of Taking Things for Granted

Or Why We Need Issue Books Before Something Can Be a Non-Issue

My book, that’s coming out next year, is a funny Middle Grade novel about a family that gets into typical high-jinks adventures. The family is neither rich nor poor, (poverty is not the issue in the book); the kids are neither brilliant […]

Where I’ve Been

Since I pulled our suitcases out for our trip to Nepal last November, I have not put them away.

First there was a trip to Canada around Christmas to see family.

Then there was a quick run to New York to meet amazingagent Marietta and amazingeditor Michelle.

Then it was time for a belated 40th […]

Blog Hop: The Debut Book

Recently Amazingwriterfriend Alina Klein tapped me in a blog hop about debut books, where she wrote about her moving and amazing debut novel RAPE GIRL. This really means Alina’s making me write a blog post (which I should do more often anyway). And who are we kidding, I’ll do pretty much anything Alina tells me […]

Some Wonderful News

So this happened in Publisher’s Weekly today. And I am very very happy.

It is, by any standard, a dream come true. Here’s to working hard, writing hard, and to 2014!!!