On Mulling (not the cider kind)

So I’ve finished three books.* One of them is sitting patiently waiting for revisions, one is currently on the operating table, and one is out in the world. Still. (Is the Bermuda Triangle located in lower Manhattan? Because it’s entirely possible my MS has been sucked into the vortex). Anyway, the question, for me, anyway, […]

RTW: Superpowers Authors Have (and Lack)

This is a fun road trip that the YA Highway folk have dreamed up (even if I wish I were traveling by jet pack. When are they coming? Seriously!)

Today’s topic: What writing superpowers do you have? And what’s your kryptonite?

Well that’s easy. My superpower is the same as many other writers, and it’s […]

RTW: Best Book of the Month

I hate it when they do this, I really do. Those sadists over at YA Highway always like to make us choose favorites, and I hate that. (I have a real problem with any hierarchical ranking…I realize this about myself. I don’t even like to rank my favorite breakfast cereals, let alone songs, books, […]

RTW: Who Deserves the Spotlight?

It’s been a while, but I’m back on the road with with YA Highway gang. Today’s question: What supporting character deserves his or her own starring role?


*blink blink* I know, right? There are literally hundreds of stories I want to hear, stories that are hinted at but never told. For most highwayers, the […]

Fight the Power! Read a Book!

It’s Banned Book Week again, my favorite time of the year to remember how outrageous it is that morons judge and disqualify literature they often haven’t even read. Needless to say, this makes me nuts.

It’s easy to go nuts over this. But what do we do? What actions can we take that make […]

RTW: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Well, not really. As a writer, I somewhat take umbrage with that statement. And woe to the would-be-helpful friend to suggests that to a writer who is working on her blog. Just sayin’.*

*Yes, Marshall, I’m talking to you

So this week’s Road Trip Wednesday, from that fab bunch at YA Highway: What pictures inspire […]

RTW is Trying to Torture Me

Usually I’m a big fan of those talented folks over at YA Highway but today I’m just annoyed. Today’s Road Trip Wednesday? What is the best book you’ve read in June?

Gah…it’s like asking which kid I loved best this month. Not. Cool. But I’m going to do it anyway, largely because I wanted to […]

Random Research: Today’s RTW

It’s another Road Trip Wednesday!

And, oh YA Highway, this is a topic after my own heart! How I love the random! How I love researching the random! So needless to say, I was delighted by today’s question:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

First, of all, as I mentioned above, I love […]

RTW: Inspiration in the form of small homo sapiens

It’s another Road Trip Wednesday, and I’m on the road with the good folks of YA Highway. Today’s question:

Who in your life has most inspired your writing?

Well, that’s both easy and a little bit hard. I mean, when I’m writing YA hot and heavy romance I can’t help thinking of the […]

Divergent Challenge #2: Amity

The horror! Get it? Amity? Horror? Amityville Horror? Didn’t any of you grow up in the 70’s?


This was week two of the Divergent faction challenge, where Deb Driza fearlessly leads a bunch of other YA writers to live their lives by the value that defines the different factions of society in Veronica Roth’s […]