Junk in the Trunk

Hello blog!! *dusts off corners* *straightens pictures*

Well. It has been a while, hasn’t it? This summer has been many things, but conducive to blogging has not been one of that. I sort of knew that, of course, which is why I left you all with a farewell (and a picture of a kitten) back […]

Monday Book Love: Finnikin of the Rock

(source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vipulmathur/471634239/)

Well, it is Monday, which means it’s time for Book Love (and coffee…but that’s another story). Anyone who has either had the good luck to talk books with me, or ask me what time it is, really, knows how much I love Melina Machetta’s Jellicoe Road. I blogged about it here and […]

Monday Book Love: Raw Blue

Those of you who have either read or heard about SWIM, my paranormal YA book, know that I have no small obsession with the ocean. It was surprisingly and perhaps frighteningly easy to imagine myself in a world where water was strength and power, and land a lovely and mysterious danger. Makes perfect sense for […]

RTW: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Well, not really. As a writer, I somewhat take umbrage with that statement. And woe to the would-be-helpful friend to suggests that to a writer who is working on her blog. Just sayin’.*

*Yes, Marshall, I’m talking to you

So this week’s Road Trip Wednesday, from that fab bunch at YA Highway: What pictures inspire […]

RTW: Blurb Your Own Book

It’s that time again, when those of us who read and follow YA Highway‘s fun fab blog, gas up the hybrid and hit the road for Road Trip Wednesday. Today’s prompt: write a blurb for your own or another’s book.

Well. Since I am just dipping my toe into the frigid shark-infested waters of querying […]

All the sweeter for saying goodbye

Those of us who had to study Robert Frost (or who grew up reading the fabulous S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders…”Do it for Johnny!”) know the famous poem that begins, “Nature’s first green is gold.”

But lately, in this glorious blaze of fall colors, I’ve been feeling that nature’s last green is truly gold, as well. […]

Waveriders, or Photos That Make Me Drool

Waveriders – The Big Picture – Boston.com.

These are the most amazing photos, and even though I am absolutely not allowed to start revising, they are reminding me that I need to put more surfing back in Swim. It all started with an image of a surfer being watched by a Mer, and somehow […]

Play that Emo Music, White Girl

Put on a dance number from the early 1990s and I tell you, am ready to put on my bodysuit and cut-off shorts (over my leggings), lace up my Doc Martins and hit the dance floor.* No matter what I’m doing, including cooking dinner for my family while wearing pumpkin flannel pajamas, the music still […]

The Devil is in the Details

I am on vacation, which simply means that me, my laptop, my family, and all my various work commitments have moved to a swanky island 30 miles out to sea where the average cost of a house is $1.9 million and the gardens alone are fancier than my house.* In addition to my immediate family, […]

Decisions, Decisions…

So I am only around 30 pages into my next book. I have a story arc, and I have my characters, and I have my synopsis and my core scenes. So I have a general sense of where I want the road to end, and a few of the landmarks that I have to see […]