The #PubforPR Auction is LIVE and a matching donation

Hi friends!

A reminder that the #PubforPR auction is LIVE. And because I am enraged over where we are as a country, I will match the winning bid on my items with a donation to Everytown for Gun Safety.(And SuperAgent Marietta Zacker will join me in matching the donation on our combined item!)

There are […]

#PubforPR Auction, or How to Help Puerto Rico When Everything is Terrible

The amazing writer Anne Lamott once described donating money as the drive-by way of feeling better fast. And it’s true…when I have no time, and cannot fathom what to do, donating even a small amount to a classroom or local nonprofit can make me feel better.

But right now in Puerto Rico, the amount of […]

A New Book! This Would Make A Good Story Someday is coming

It’s that exciting and sometimes slightly nausea-inducing moment when I realize that something that I made up while sitting alone in my office in cat-hair-covered yoga pants is actually going to go out into the world with my name on it!

Coming to bookstores, libraries, and bookshelves near you (I hope) is my newest […]

On Safety Pins and Stories; On Listening and Speaking Out

How do we start at the beginning?

Do we begin with an election, an election between two flawed human candidates, but also one where one candidate had demonstrated, through decades of actions, her qualifications, and the other had demonstrated (also through decades of actions), his political inexperience, his bullying, and his lack of self-control?

Or […]

We Need Diverse Books (of course)

Well, I might have just cried a little bit at the video below.

There are a lot of good and important causes out there, but I can’t think of many nearer and dearer to my heart than the We Need Diverse Books campaign.

What began as a social media uproar due to the lack […]

WINTERKILL, or The Book I Didn’t Write But am Proud of Anyway

Almost four years ago, in October 2010, I exchanged emails with another writer I found on the Absolute Write writers forums. For those who don’t know, the Absolute Write online forums are a huge and helpful, if slightly daunting resource, for aspiring writers. Whether you’re writing picture books or poetry, memoirs or thrillers, that website […]

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher Launch Party, or SHENANIGANS

Me and Jabberwocky Bookshop owner Sue Little

Wow. That’s about all I can say about the glorious, wonderful, amazing, ridiculously fun, delightful launch party on Sunday. Just…wow.

It starts with the fact that I live in a great place with not one but two great independent bookstores. The event was at Jabberwocky Bookshop, a […]

Me and My Blog (a Tragi-Comedy)

I waste spend a lot of time on social media. If you want to find me I am yapping away most days on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on. I post compelling articles on the need for more diversity in children’s literature, or reviews of books that I’ve adored. I also find myself posting photos […]

Great YA Mystery Series: Win an Advance Copy of Book Two (and peek at the cover for book 3!)

One of the greatest elements of being a writer now, as opposed to, say, the 1500s (in addition to the printing press), is the the fun of finding other writers online. I’ve been incredibly lucky this way – I’ve found critique partners and writing buddies and a tribe of talented people who sympathize and celebrate […]

In Which I Greatly Admire Rick Riordan

This quote below from wildly crazily best-selling author Rick Riordan is ALL KINDS OF RIGHT. (His newest book, House of Hades, is the latest in the gods of Olympus/Percy Jackson series. If by some odd chance you haven’t heard of him or his books, learn more here. I’m currently navigating the wild world of […]