I would love to hear from you! Want to talk writing, or favorite books, or whether dark chocolate or milk chocolate is best, or how much you love your local library, or cheese? I’m your gal.

(And even if you want to talk about something totally unrelated — although why?? — I’m still available).

Snail Mail:

Dana Alison Levy
c/o Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency
273 Charlton Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079


Also, if you like social media type things, find me here:

I am represented by SuperAgent Marietta Zacker of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency. Contact her for rights inquiries, for insight on whether I am going to be nominated for Author of the Century in Iceland, or other questions of that ilk.

You can also contact Josh Redlich at for any and all publicity questions.


SCHOOL VISITS!!! If you want to talk with me about coming to your school, please send me an email! I love talking to readers and writers of all ages about the writing process, the super-secret, never-fails key to good writing*, and the path to publication. I always have fun, and the kids do too, but (SSHHHHHH!) we get pretty down and dirty on the work of good writing.

*What? You think I’m going to tell you right here on my website? Nuh-UH. Nope. No way.

Anyway, here is some information, which is currently accurate but subject to change due to deadlines, other commitments, shifting tides, and my horoscope. And please be in touch for more details! Thanks!

Dana Alison Levy School Visit Information