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As a kid, having an author come to my school was without a doubt one of the coolest things that ever happened (and not only because we got out of social studies that period). As an adult, an author, and a parent, I still love author visits. I love them because they bridge two seemingly distant worlds. For some kids they bridge the world of static, on-the-shelf books and their own messy, alive lives. Or for others, they bridge the thrilling, imaginary world in books and their own predictable school day. Whether kids are bookworms or reluctant readers, aspiring novelists or would-be tech geeks, there is excitement in finding out what happens when a person starts with those two magical words “What if…?”

Kids love to meet a real author* and to hear about the work and effort that goes into making a book. And while they’re hearing war stories and boggling their minds at how long it takes to get a book published, they’re also listening to and participating in conversations on active and passive verbs, on first person versus third-person point-of-view, and on why first drafts are usually terrible. In short, they are learning.

I write for kids and young adults, and my presentations are appropriate for all school ages, but best suited for kids in grades 3-8. A standard school visit includes three 45-60 minute sessions that can be a mix of presentations to large groups, presentations to smaller groups, and hands-on workshops.

*Honesty compels me to admit: my own kids are not remotely thrilled to see a real author. Especially when the real author is nagging them to deal with the cat litter.

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