Gratitude: Day One


Gratitude is a slippery thing; very hard to keep a grip on. One moment I am deeply grateful for how lovely my life is. The next I’m swearing a blue streak at the idiotic computer that won’t load.

With a number of personal and family highs and lows I decided that I need to spend a little time on gratitude. And little time is all I have. So each day this week I’ll post a photo of something that I am grateful for. Some are self-explanatory, others less so.

What about you? What are some things, great or small, that help you find that kernel of gratitude?

1 comment to Gratitude: Day One

  • Helene Dunbar

    Sigh…just looking at this is relaxing. I want to stretch out on your couch in front of the fire, drink cocoa and pet that cat. If only…… (Hope you get to though!)

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