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So…I’m beginning to realize that with this whole Tempus Fugit year I’m having, it’s about to be May, and my next book, THE FAMILY FLETCHER TAKES ROCK ISLAND, is coming very soon! (Pictured below…my author copies! Huzzah!)


IMG_2015 IMG_2018

I am beyond excited to share this story.
Now sometimes friends say, apologetically, that they didn’t buy my book, that they took it out from the library, or borrowed it from a friend instead. Let me go on the record: that’s awesome! Do NOT apologize! Share it, pass it along, take it out from the library…as long as you don’t steal it or illegally download it, I’m happy.

Here’s the thing: you can help an author in a bunch of different ways, some of which don’t involve spending a dime. And because people have asked, here are some ways to support your favorite books.
1) Pre-order it. If you ARE going to buy it, consider pre-ordering it from your local bookstore or one of the online behemoths. I’ll put links below, to make it easy.*
2) Request it at your local library. They will get pretty much any book you ask for, so make it a point to ask!
3) LEAVE A REVIEW! Seriously, this matters more than you might think. The big three are Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble (links below). It does not need to be a thoughtful, college-essay-caliber assessment of the themes and subplots. You can literally write, “Great book!” and give it five stars, and that would suffice. If you DO write a thoughtful and insightful review, you can simply cut and paste it from one site to another. (Note: some don’t let you post reviews until the book is out, others you can review whenever).*
4) Give it as a gift! If you know kids, or if you give gifts to schools, consider gifting the books you love. Most authors will happily personalize or send along extra swag like bookmarks to make it even better.

Again, don’t ever apologize for not buying my books…share them, borrow them, stick notes in them and leave them on a park bench. I’m honestly grateful and delighted to know these stories are out in the world, no matter what.
Read on, xoxoxo Dana

IndieBound for pre-ordering.

Barnes & Noble for reviewing and pre-ordering

Amazon for reviewing and pre-ordering. (Note: you cannot review until the book is officially out, even if you read an early draft!)

Goodreads for reviewing

*If you are wondering why it matters to pre-order books, or why reviews are important for things like internet algorithms and the like, I’m happy to go into it, but it’s kind of long and boring and I won’t bother unless you ask.

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