Signed Books!

Hey friends! My new book is out in the world, and I’m delighted and hoping it flies far! Also in the world, The Family Fletcher Takes Rock Island, now in convenient portable paperback! Huzzah!

To celebrate I went into town yesterday to get iced coffee, but walked by an antique/thrift shop that happened to have a set of kraken bookends on display. Reader, I bought them.

Awesome, right? I KNOW.

Anyway, thank you to all the under-the-cover-with-a-flashlight readers, book-lovers, educators, word ninjas, writers-in-training, and others who help celebrate the arrival of new books. If anyone wants a signed copy of THIS WOULD MAKE A GOOD STORY SOMEDAY and lives locally, come on by! And if you’re not local, or can’t make it this Saturday, either call Jabberwocky and they will have me personalize a book and they can ship it, or contact me directly to get a snazzy personalized bookplate!


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