Us Lions, or Being In the Club

There’s a passage in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe that Large Son gave me reason to remember recently. It’s not a huge important scene, but his reference to it was perfect, and I remembered it immediately. It is in the White Witch’s castle after Aslan has breathed on all the stone statues and […]

Yay! An Agent! (What’s an Agent?)

First of all, thank you thank you for the totally amazingsauce virtual celebration that met my news. While nobody sent me a picture of ducklings in a teacup, which was a bit of a miss, I did indeed appreciate all the joy. Truly, it makes me so happy! *does a little Muppet dance again*

News Worth Sharing

So, as you probably know I’ve been writing these books for the past three years lately at 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and sitting in hockey rinks when I can find the time.

The process goes something like this:





Of course there were some other steps. There was […]

Junk in the Trunk

Hello blog!! *dusts off corners* *straightens pictures*

Well. It has been a while, hasn’t it? This summer has been many things, but conducive to blogging has not been one of that. I sort of knew that, of course, which is why I left you all with a farewell (and a picture of a kitten) back […]

Book Expo America: Why BEA Doesn’t Matter to Me (and Why it Does)

For those of you not working in the publishing or writing worlds, BEA is just another alphabet soup of an acronym, (although a far pithier one than SCBWI, as I wrote about here). But for those in those worlds, BEA falls somewhere between Dante’s seventh ring, a candy shop, and a vital business meeting with […]

On Mulling (not the cider kind)

So I’ve finished three books.* One of them is sitting patiently waiting for revisions, one is currently on the operating table, and one is out in the world. Still. (Is the Bermuda Triangle located in lower Manhattan? Because it’s entirely possible my MS has been sucked into the vortex). Anyway, the question, for me, anyway, […]

Fight the Power! Read a Book!

It’s Banned Book Week again, my favorite time of the year to remember how outrageous it is that morons judge and disqualify literature they often haven’t even read. Needless to say, this makes me nuts.

It’s easy to go nuts over this. But what do we do? What actions can we take that make […]

Consolation prize

Artichoke Reservoir, West Newbury

I just wrote a great post about the rescued miner in Chile who copyrighted the note he wrote that let everyone know they were alive. Then WordPress went ahead and ate it. Whatev. So now you all get a consolation prize: look at the pretty leaves! You’re welcome. xoxo


In Which Monday Tries to Kick My Rumpus

It’s kind of one of those days. There are fruit flies in the kitchen, a Wild Child home sick from camp (with malaise, not actual sickness), and a number of unpleasant deadlines tickling at me. I realize that no one will be calling the Amnesty International hotline to report on these inhumane conditions anytime soon; […]

Schadenfreude, or Why I am Happy This Morning

It is easy to doubt the quality of your writing, when you sit alone at a desk all day long. But then, sometimes, the gods smile on you and send you this blog, SlushPile Hell, and you get a chance to feel really, really smug. Because of course you would never send a query letter […]