Chasing My Own Tail

So, school is out, camps not yet started, end-of-year shenanigans completed (5 teacher gifts, 3 crossing guard gifts, countless end-of-year party donations, 1 full day chaperoning…someone hand me a drink). I have, I confess, dropped every ball I was juggling except for the ones that were either, 1) flaming (and thus required my attention, or […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

I was performing one of my least favorite household chores recently, known as the Seasonal Closet Changeover. (This sounds boring. It is. it is also incredibly awkward and involves a lot of dust and hauling of large boxes. Truly, my life, it is like an opera). Sorry, where was I?

Ah yes. I was […]

NESCBWI: An Acronym to Love

I worked briefly in the world of corporate marketing, and while it didn’t really take I can say this: if you are planning to name an organization and call it by its initials, don’t go with Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Or even worse, New England Society of Children’s book Writers and Illustrators. […]

What’cha Doin’ These Days?

Not blogging much, that’s for sure. But while WordPress has FAILED me miserably by eating the new page I was trying to create, I will share a fun place where I have been wasting a lot of time (and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of you over there *sideye*)

PINTEREST: The timesuck of 2012


On Mulling (not the cider kind)

So I’ve finished three books.* One of them is sitting patiently waiting for revisions, one is currently on the operating table, and one is out in the world. Still. (Is the Bermuda Triangle located in lower Manhattan? Because it’s entirely possible my MS has been sucked into the vortex). Anyway, the question, for me, anyway, […]

Heck. To. The. Yeah. (A Repost of author Mike Mullin)

This could almost work as Monday Book Love, because I really enjoyed Mike Mullin‘s book ASHFALL. It is a very cool premise: a normal fifteen-year-old boy Alex is home alone when the supervolcano brewing under Yellowstone National Park explodes. The world is covered in ash and Alex begins his journey away from his ruined home […]

Teaser Tuesday…Because Why the Hell Not

I am in the revision cave with THE DANGEROUS SCHOOL, CLASS OF 2030, and oh, a smelly, skanky, nasty cave it is.

This is NOT my cave

Yeah, more like this one

I’ll be honest. I’m not loving writing this right now. I’m distracted, I’m restless, and I really want a co-writer so […]

Gratitude: Day Three

You Only Hurt the Ones You Love

Okay, this one requires some explanation.

It might not look like an obvious item to generate waves of gratitude; a marked up document with lots and lots and lots of comments (read: problems).

But I have found–through the miracle of the internet–an incredible group of writers who […]

RTW: Superpowers Authors Have (and Lack)

This is a fun road trip that the YA Highway folk have dreamed up (even if I wish I were traveling by jet pack. When are they coming? Seriously!)

Today’s topic: What writing superpowers do you have? And what’s your kryptonite?

Well that’s easy. My superpower is the same as many other writers, and it’s […]

Random Research: Today’s RTW

It’s another Road Trip Wednesday!

And, oh YA Highway, this is a topic after my own heart! How I love the random! How I love researching the random! So needless to say, I was delighted by today’s question:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

First, of all, as I mentioned above, I love […]